JEWNIN, ABRAHAM JONAH (1813–1848), Russian talmudist, born in Parichi, province of Minsk. Abraham settled in Grodno, where he remained until his death. Despite his premature death he achieved renown as an outstanding scholar. He wrote novellae on the Sefer ha-Mitzvot of Maimonides under the title Makhshevet Moshe, part of which appears in the Vilna 1866 edition of the Sefer ha-Mitzvot, and other parts in the Warsaw 1882 edition of the Mishneh Torah. Abraham had three sons: NATHAN, author of Nitei Or (1900), novellae on the Talmud, and Binyan Yerushalayim on the Passover Haggadah (1914); SAMUEL, author of Divrei Ḥefeẓ on the Torah (1873); and BEZALEL, who became renowned in America as a preacher. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: S.E. Friedenstein, Ir Gibborim (1880), 85; Yahadut Lita, 3 (1967), 53.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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